Wednesday, December 5, 2012

When did Mona join the A-team?

I was just watching season 1 of Pretty little liars again. And i thought of something, Mona was really so unprofessional as A  during season 1. She did things for her own benefit and it wasn't as serious as it is now.  In episode 10 of season 1 Mona planned her birthday party "Camp Mona" and she gave invitations to the girls. After Mona left, the girls said that they wouldn't come to the party and right after they had said that they got a text message from A saying that Camp Mona is a scavenger hunt and that the liars should come and find A. So Mona sent this message because she heard that they weren't coming to her party and by sending this they would come. Also A saved Ezrias relationship in the same episode, now why did A do that? Well as we know while Aria and Ezra had their short breakup Aria dated Noel. I think Mona was into Noel already back then and she saved Ezrias relationship so that Aria would dump Noel. And than when Noel wanted to reveal that Ezra was dating Aria A ratted out Noel and said that he was cheating on tests so he didn't have the chance to rat Ezra out. Mona did this because she knew that if Noel revealed that Ezra and Aria where in a relationship Aria wouldn't be allowed to date Ezra and there would be a big chance that she got back with Noel. Noel and Mona dated later on and when he broke up with her she seemed really sad so she probably really liked him.
Also in that episode Mona was angry at Hanna because she wasn't spending enough time with Mona and later on Mona  said that she got a text message from A saying that Hanna got a liposuction. Mona was the one who sent this text and think about it, Mona did this because she was angry at Hanna, that's nothing A would do today. Mona was such a amateur from the beginning, so what does that mean? Was Mona a new member of the A-team during season 1? When did she become so serious about her work? Was even the leader (big A) serious from the beginning? So many question and only a few answers.


  1. is it possible that the twin theory may be with mona rather than alison? Mona was getting out of Radley. Maybe her and her twin were switching places? Just a thought.

    1. Everyting is possible but I doubt that they will go there :)

  2. Mona said that the lady in the red coat contacted her in Radley when she was admitted and said she wanted to be join her (said in the season 3 final). So there was no A team back in season 1 i think. it only started after Mona was found out and then people starting joining her. like toby and red coat..

    and it was Red Coat that started making it so intense and what it is today.

  3. well remember the ghost train and garret told spencer what happened between Alison and him well he and jenna were doing something in her backyard well garret grabbed the shovel and tried to hit Alison but he missed because she ducked and then that's when jenna was blind so she couldn't see and she asked garret was she dead when ali ducked she put her finger in front of her mouth and said shhh then u could see her bracelet it was brown and kinda loose so it went down 7 inches near her elbow then in season 2 and 3 a hand came out but it had the same bracelet on so that means ai was buried alive and she isn't redcoat cuz she came out the final episode and redcoat had been attacking way before that so ali wasn't alive she was still burried